CHOOSE ANY FOUR (4) Pokemon Evolution Etch Shot Glasses


This listing is for FOUR (4) 1.5oz shot glasses.

Please choose 4 Pokemon evolutions and list which ones you have chosen at "Note to Seller". Multiples of a single Pokemon evolution are ok too.

Please keep in mind that this is for Pokemon "Evolutions" as shown in our pictures and not for a single Pokemon by itself.

Available Pokemon Evolutions (in alphabetical order):

-Eevee ->Espeon
-Eevee ->Flareon
-Eevee ->Glaceon
-Eevee ->Jolteon
-Eevee ->Leafeon
-Eevee ->Sylveon
-Eevee ->Umbreon
-Eevee ->Vaporeon
-Oddish ->Vileplume
-Riolu (Mega Evolution available upon request)
-Tyrogue ->HItmonchan

You may also request for the Pokeball.

Listing for a single shot glass here:

If you don't see the Pokemon evolution you want, feel free to let us know!

Etching is permanent and dishwasher safe.

Items are handmade to order and may take up to 1 WEEK before shipping. Pokemon not listed may take an ADDITIONAL 1 week to complete.

If you would like to have your order made immediately for an upcoming event, our 1- Day Rush Order is an option! Your order will be made the same day you purchase 1-Day processing and will be shipped the next day!

You can purchase our Rush Order service here:


The 1 Day Rush Order option applies to the creation and processing of your order only. This does not change your shipping service to Express (overnight delivery). If you would to purchase a faster shipping service, please contact us by message and we'll have your shipping upgraded from there!

Read our shop policies for more information on purchasing!

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