CHOOSE YOUR POKEMON Evolution Etch Shot Glass (1)


This listing is for ONE (1) 1.5oz shot glass.

Buy a set of 4 for a discounted price here:

Please choose the Pokemon evolution of your choice and list which ones you have chosen at "Note to Seller".

Please keep in mind that this is for Pokemon "Evolutions" as shown in our pictures and not for a single Pokemon by itself.

Available Pokemon Evolutions (in alphabetical order):

-Eevee ->Espeon
-Eevee ->Flareon
-Eevee ->Glaceon
-Eevee ->Jolteon
-Eevee ->Leafeon
-Eevee ->Sylveon
-Eevee ->Umbreon
-Eevee ->Vaporeon
-Oddish ->Vileplume
-Riolu (Mega Evolution available upon request)
-Tyrogue ->HItmonchan

If you don't see the Pokemon evolution you want, feel free to let us know! We welcome all custom requests!

Etching is permanent and dishwasher safe.

Items are handmade to order and may take up to 1 WEEK before shipping. Pokemon not listed may take an ADDITIONAL 1 week to complete.

If you would like to have your order made immediately for an upcoming event, our 1- Day Rush Order is an option! Your order will be made the same day you purchase 1-Day processing and will be shipped the next day!

You can purchase our Rush Order service here:


The 1 Day Rush Order option applies to the creation and processing of your order only. This does not change your shipping service to Express (overnight delivery). If you would to purchase a faster shipping service, please contact us by message and we'll have your shipping upgraded from there!

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