League of Legends Shot Glass Set of 4 (Choose 4 Champions)


This listing is for FOUR (4) 1.5oz shot glasses.

Please choose 4 champions and list which ones you have chosen at "Additional Notes" during checkout. Multiples of a single champion are ok too. If you do not care which 4 champs you want, please write "Any 4" in the note.


To prevent the delay of your order, if the note is blank, we will ship out the 4 glasses shown in the first picture unless notified before the shipping date.

List of Champions Available (Alphabetical Order):

-Aurelion Sol
-Dr. Mundo
-Jarvan IV
-Kog' Maw
-Le Blanc
-Lee Sin
-Master Yi
-Miss Fortune
-Tahm Kench
-Twisted Fate
-Vel' Koz
-Xin Zhao

All champions are available in either their old or new CLASSIC skins. We are currently NOT accepting any requests for alternative champion skins. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for being understanding.


We offer additional engraving for $5 per glass on the backs of the glasses. Please select the number of glasses to engrave in the drop down menu. Select "No back engraving" if you do not want backside engraving.

If you order additional engraving, please write down in the notes section during check out what you would like to have engraved in "quotes", in what font and on which glass:

~Example 1 (one glass): Please engrave the name "Syndra" on the Syndra glass in the Centaur font.
~Example 2 (four glasses): Please engrave "Happy Birthday" on the back of all glasses in the League of Legends font.
~Example 3 (four glasses, separate sayings): Please engrave "Sam" on the Taric glass, "Julie" on the Teemo glass, "Erin" on the Ezreal glass, and "Andrew" on the Jinx glass. All in the Impact font.

Please be as specific as possible with your request because we do not offer refunds or exchanges for additional engraving. The Buyer is responsible for ensuring that their design(s) and additional engravings have been made to their satisfaction before shipment.

~Example: On the back, please engrave "I Love You." in the Script Bold font. I would like each word on a separate line. Please include the quotation marks and period with "I Love You."
Etching is permanent and dishwasher safe.

Items are handmade to order and may take up to 1 WEEK before shipping.

If you would like to have your order made immediately for an upcoming event, our 1- Day Rush Order is an option! Your order will be made the same day you purchase 1-Day processing and will be shipped the next day!

You can purchase our Rush Order service here:



The 1 Day Rush Order option applies to the creation and processing of your order only. This does not change your shipping service to Express (overnight delivery). If you would to purchase a faster shipping service, please contact us by message and we'll have your shipping upgraded from there!

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